Sunday, November 22, 2009

One year and counting!

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Hungry Canuck! I wanted to write a quick post to thank my few regular readers for their support, suggestions, and comments which have helped me build this site up to its current nearly respectable status.

In one year I managed to review establishments in five states, four countries, and on three continents (counting a day trip to the Asian side of Turkey). Personal highlights include my Southern road trip through Tennessee and transcendent Grilled Cheese in London. I seem to be attracting about 20 readers a day (hi guys!) except the two times that I have been tastespotted when about ten times that amount swarm to the site. My post about Boustan in Montreal gets the most hits which is great, since it's one that I am happiest with. I'm glad to be another resource for stoned college kids at Concordia and McGill when they get their midnight cravings

I have optimistic plans for the next year, including some extensive traveling and eating in new parts of the world. Stay tuned for details! It's also likely that in a year's time Tam and I will be living away from Pittsburgh, and there must be a dozen restaurants in the city that I want to write about before we hit the road. I'll try to get to a few of them each month in the new year.

In honour of the past year, here's one favourite picture that didn't make it into a full post: the slightly less than appetizing Skyline Chili, a Cincinnati institution. A mountain of fluorescent orange cheese, overcooked pasta, and seasoned ground beef. Somehow, I failed to appreciate its culinary value.


alauna said...

i still cannot get over that spaghetti chilli...but congrats on a whole year!!

Knatolee said...

I really enjoyed the Boustan post, and the linked story (McGill Tribune). I definitely want to go there when next I'm in Montreal, which is an hour from our house.

I'm pretty sure that I frequented the second-floor food court his restaurant used to be in (Le Faubourg "mall") back in the late 80s/early 90s when my husband was a starving McGill student and I was an underpaid graphic designer, and if that is where he was, I'm sure I tasted his delightful food. I have vague memories of liking a Lebanese restaurant there.

ANyway, congrats on a year, and keep up the good work!

Knatolee said...

PS The chili spaghetti looks foul!

hungrycanuck said...

Thanks for the kind words!

And yes, that spaghetti chili was pretty gross, but somehow visually captivating on the sun-splashed formica booth we were dining at.