Sunday, July 18, 2010

International Adventures in Junk Food, Vol. 1: Argentina

I would like to introduce a new series to the blog which I am calling "International Adventures in Junk Food." In these posts, I'll chronicle unique junk foods discovered and enjoyed on various travels. The featured item might be sweet, it might be salty, but it has to be full of processed crap and chemicals, and it has to be delicious.

Volume 1: Argentina
Megatube 3D's Mega Queso

We spent three weeks in Argentina before discovering Megatube 3D's. We were at Iguazu Falls, were totally drenched with rain and spray from our visit to the falls, and searching for something to tide us over before dinner. Without car and wanting to stay dry, our options were limited to the few different bags of processed fried snack foods available from the lobby of our hotel. In a moment of divine intervention, we decided on Megatube 3D's.

I'm not sure if it was the superfluous apostrophe, the specified three dimensional quality of the tubes (who wants a 2D tube? That would just be a rectangle!), or the promise of mega queso flavour, but we grabbed a large bag, and a large bottle of Quilmes beer, and took them to the covered porch outside our room to eat.

The Megatube 3D's were a revelation! I'd describe them as a cross between Bugles, and Nacho Cheese Doritos. They were shaped like and had the surface texture of Bugles, were made of a deep-fried cornlike substance, and slathered in Doritos Nacho Cheese flavour powder. Since they were packaged by PepsiCo (bonus points for the omipresence of a multinational corporation), I think that the nacho cheese flavour was an exact replica of North American Nacho Cheese Doritos. So basically, Megatube 3D's were a new vehicle for that greasy orange powder that covers our fingers after eating Doritos.

They were perfect with a cold beer, and we probably wolfed down another 5 bags in our last week in Argentina. Oh! Megatube 3D-apostrophe-s, we miss you!

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