Friday, November 21, 2008

I hope you're hungry

Welcome to my blog, the musings of a hungry Canuck living south of the border in Pittsburgh, PA.

By day, I'm a graduate student at a relatively respectful institute of higher learning. My job is fine. I'm not bad at it. However, one of my passions is food. In the evenings, I can't wait to get home, get in the kitchen, and turn good ingredients into great meals. Or, when the situation calls for it, disappear into a local restaurant with friends or loved ones until everyone is deeply satisfied.

The relative lack of responsibility induced by my never-ending student lifestyle also allows for plenty of chances to travel. I was first motivated to start this blog to share memorable eating experiences from around the world. The act of visiting a market, or sharing a meal with people from other countries, other cultures, or even other neighbourhoods can be a profoundly moving one. In these posts, I will describe my favorite eating experiences from Pittsburgh, from my hometown of Montreal, and from the places I am lucky enough to visit in my travels. I will attempt to move beyond restaurant reviews and capture the almost spiritual feeling that a perfect meal can leave you with.

If I'm cooking something particularly interesting, I may also try to capture its essence and post it here. Or, if I'm excited about my tomato crop or something else in my garden, you may hear all about it. Last season's tomatoes were spectacularly delicious.

And pretty.

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R.R. said...

Mmmm...just thinking about your future posts makes me hungry! Can't wait for some good fried chicken to turn up on your blog.